Signalling Mechanisms in Brain Development and Disease

This is what we do

The Eickholt lab studies how signalling mechanisms and cytoskeleton dynamics control fundamental brain functions, such as neuronal development and differentiation, synaptic processes, and the modulatory roles of astrocytes. Our research contributes to a better understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying brain disorders and, thus, provides new avenues for developing and validating therapeutic solutions for difficult-to-treat neurological diseases.

We use a wide range of molecular biology and biochemical assays in our research. The application of diverse microscope techniques, such as live imaging of intracellular dynamics in neurons and astrocytes, as well as super-resolution microscopy, is a central pillar in our method repertoire.

Our research focuses on four topics:
• Molecular signals controlling structural and functional integrity of synapses
• Astrocytes in brain homeostasis and injury
• Signalling mechanisms in neurodevelopmental disorders
• PLPPRs as regulators of neuronal growth and excitability

We are located at Charité CrossOver
Ebene 04-Raum 04-330
Virchowweg 6, D-10117 Berlin

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